Monday, 14 April 2008

The Challenge of Shopping

Thursday is shopping day.

As it approached I slowly descend into a mild state of panic (something akin to a scene out of Dad’s Army). And no, not over the thought of getting the latest Mulberry handbag or a pair of Christian Louboutin heels but over where to go for my groceries, you know, your everyday goods.

Do I buy organic? Do I go to my local fruit and veg man called Howard or to my supermarket? Where does the food come from? How many miles has it travelled to get here? How much packaging waste will I end up with? With a young family in tow, will they be angelic or devilish if I drag them to the shop? And above all else will price and value of the groceries justify the means?

It’s enough to make you sit down for an extra cuppa. But perhaps that’s it! Maybe I should sit down and question my motives and consequent actions for my choices. As part of the WI and through participating in our campaigns, we are fortuitously able to question and change our habits to make a difference. As individuals we can make a difference, no matter how much climate change is perceived as a global issue. Our Care of the Environment campaign has equipped us with the knowledge and tools to make our choices and take pride in our decisions. It maybe that we can never get it completely right but we can be sure not to get it wrong!

Well, my sit down is over, this challenge is fun and unlike M&S I am fortunate enough to have a Plan B as well as a Plan A, so more panicking Mr Mannering!

Caroline Macdonald

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