Monday, 9 March 2009

Women Reaching Women

Our new Women Reaching Women campaign is another example of ground breaking actions by our organisation.

Communities extend vertically and horizontally in the 21st century, and many people are now familiar with the idea that they can be part of a community across national borders. Just as travel and technology have broken down barriers for co-existence, so can we as WI women build on our skills, honed in our locality, family and though our WI branch, and extend them to women in other countries. To join our global online community, please email

After all materialistic assets and aspirations have been stripped away, women across the world are faced with similar needs, requirements and challenges. Our actions often impact on those who are a world away, very far from mind, but for whom we are beginning, through our campaign, to take responsibility for. Women are pivotal to the survival of families and communities, through working together and better understanding we can touch and reach women all over the globe. The Women Reaching Women workbook is a fascinating read, littered with questions to provoke thought and ultimately lead us to action – which is what NFWI is respected for. To download the workbook, just log onto our website,

Caroline Macdonald


Cooking Lizzy said...

When I first heard of the Women Reaching Women campaign, I was excited by what it could do. However, I have since become confused and really don't know what we are trying (as WI women) to do. I have heard you speak at Horringer Community centre when we presented the video and I have read this posting on your blog and still I don't know what is expected of us. Are we trying to contact and support women around the world by email?

Ruth Bond (Chair of the National Federation of Women's Institutes) said...

Did you know: In a national poll in 2008, when asked which issues covered by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the government should focus on, promoting gender equality and empowering women ranked last?

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes is running a three-year campaign to raise awareness of world poverty, inequality and climate change, focussing particularly on how women are affected. With funding received from the Department for International Development we will be working closely with Oxfam and the Everyone Foundation until March 2011 to bring development and global poverty to the top of the NFWI agenda.

The WI wants our communities to know why promoting gender equality worldwide is of vital importance to achieving sustainable development. Then together we can send a message to the government that empowering women should be at the top of our international development agenda. It is through this work at the grassroots level that we can contribute to lasting change in the lives of women around the world.

This time it’s not about fundraising. Instead, Women Reaching Women involves WI members doing what they do best: bringing a marginalised issue to forefront of national concern, to change the terms of the debate and ultimately achieve government commitment, support and funds allocated to this issue.

So please join in and come along. Whether it’s one big conference or many smaller initiatives, WIs are coordinating stimulating events for WI members and their communities around the country. Events so far have taken place at dinner parties, town halls, universities and even the local zoo! The main aim is to get people together to learn about global poverty and particularly how women are affected - and then spread the word.