Monday, 6 July 2009

Mili-band sends message to Ed: coal is not the answer

Standing as part of a human chain on the edge of a field in Hoo is not the usual way to spend a Saturday afternoon. But I was truly glad to give up part of my weekend to reiterate the dire message to Ed Miliband that the country does NOT NEED a new generation of coal fired power stations and just one on that field in Hoo would go a long way to negate all that the government promised it would put on the table at Copenhagen.

That “Eastenders” actress, Nina Wadia, should give up her Saturday afternoon, and on her wedding anniversary too, to join in the rally and walk a long distance round a field as well, indicates that people do care what happens to our country and to our world. Dirty coal is NOT the way forward in cutting emissions.

The NFWI‘s postcards to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change were signed by many people on Saturday. Ed, you have to listen.

Ruth Bond, NFWI Chair


Valerie said...

I've been away so hadn't heard about this. Glad you're on the ball, Ruth. Also pleased you've resurrected the PA blog. There's a link to it on the West Midlands blog and I desperate for an update.

Val. West Midlands Chair.

Jane Finnerty said...

Ed Milliband is speaking at Oxford Townhall onteh 27th so I'll be there to see what he has to say