Wednesday, 2 September 2009

10:10 Campaign launched at the Tate Modern

I’ve been at the launch of or part of many climate change campaigns in recent years but the most recent 10:10 campaign has high ambitions that calls on everyone and every organisation to get involved and make the difference. Well, they did.

We all descended on Tate Modern yesterday: local authorities and primary care trusts rubbed shoulders with school children and the NFWI (of course); churches and museums met student unions and energy companies, Royal Societies and theatres. A few celebrities were there too.

This campaign comes from the filmmakers behind the Age of Stupid.

10:10 has much in common with the WI’s own Carbon Challenge, which encouraged individuals to reduce their carbon emissions through a change in lifestyle. The campaign lists 10 simple actions that any person can take to cut their emissions by 10% during 2010, starting now. And if individuals can do it so can any organisation.

The launch was like a pop concert with wrist bands and a 10:10 tag to hang around our neck, made from an old 747 plane. The bands were there too.

If the people of the UK not only pledge to cut their emissions but actually do cut their emissions then the Government will go into UN negotiations with other countries in December in Copenhagen with a real groundswell of support from the people.