Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all blog readers! I begin 2011 with a Victoria Sponge - “the frumpy, floury image of a Women’s Institute Victoria Sponge” to be precise.

A Victoria Sponge, if properly made and presented, is neither frumpy nor floury, no matter who makes it. I’m sure many young WI members who bake would not be happy at the implication of the Victoria Sponge they make being frumpy, and neither would many older members, myself including. If Jane Simon of The Mirror would like to learn how to make an un-frumpy Victoria Sponge, I know many a WI member would be more than happy to show how its done, not least at the WI Cookery School.

But isn’t it great that people want to bake Victoria Sponges (and every other type of cake for that matter!). Baking can be a very therapeutic exercise, especially when the results are so tasty and admired by those who eat them.

Looking towards other WI business; there is plenty going on with the WI throughout January. Snow or no snow, events are planned in Federations across England and Wales, and I see from their websites that several areas will be holding a Burns Night celebration. Amongst other things there are walks and beauty days; science groups and food hygiene certificate classes; New Year sales and resolution meetings; judges information days and speaker selections days – never mind play readings and patchwork and many other craft classes.

The WI never sleeps.