Monday, 28 January 2008

This year’s WI resolutions

There are two resolutions which will be carried forward to the 2008 AGM. The first calls for a “Ban on Bottom Trawling” and the second challenges the “Inappropriate Imprisonment of the Severely Mentally Ill”.

Resolutions are the backbone of NFWI campaigns and provide us with the powerful mandate to state what the majority of WI members think on an issue. To most protagonists – be it a Government body or a particular industry – the thought of the WI on their case will concern them enough to stop and listen.

The above two resolutions cover very different subject areas but both reflect the WI’s fundamental commitment to social and environmental welfare. I am sure that they will provide much food for thought and WI members across the country will enjoy debating, discussing and voting upon them.

More information will be sent out to members in the WI March mailing.

Farah Nazeer

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