Thursday, 25 February 2010

Fair's Fair

Went to an event this evening and met a Fairtrade certification officer named Diane. She comes from Ghana and is travelling in Europe during Fairtrade Fortnight telling what difference receiving fair prices for products really means. She comes from a pineapple growing area and the fair income recieved from selling these fruits benefits the workers on the plantation and thier communities. It has enabled one community to install a stand pipe for fresh water, a lavatory block and a school room. And that is only the 'tip of the iceberg' of change for the better.

Fairer prices for milk in this country are still desperately needed. I attended the 150th anniverasry celebration service of the Royal Agricltural Benevolant Institution earlier this week and learned of the help that this excellent organisation can give to our farmers. One farmer who had to give up his dairy herd and then his milking goats because more money was needed to increase numbers, was helped by the RABI with a grant to retrain as a heavy goods driver. This enables him to earn extra money while continuing to farm on a small scale.

Perhaps Great Milk Debates are called for once again.