Tuesday, 13 July 2010

By now you will have heard of The Harmonies - the voice of the WI - a group of 5 WI members, names yet to be announced, who will begin recording a CD that will hopefully be climbing the charts just in time for Christmas. As I said on countless broadcasts throughout the whole of Friday last week, the standard of singing of those who auditioned was just so good; it was truly inspiring. Hearing some of the ladies truly made me tingle. As you know, I think that all WI members are great, and these members were no exception. So watch this space and fill in the pre-order details – I guarantee you will love it!

But I do want to point out that the WI has not made a million pounds deal. This is the sum that the record company, Universal, is purported to have invested in the project. The WI has only provided the voices.

Every day is different with the WI; I was recently lucky enough to have a trip around the Olympic site immediately following a television interview, which certainly made it a day with a difference. If you get the chance do take a guided tour of the site, you will see all about the different buildings and learn about how some of them are permanent while others are not. The roof over the swimming pools must almost be a wonder of the world; it is supported by a girder measuring 160 metres, giving the entire structure the wow factor. Congratulations to the engineering team! There are many opportunities to volunteer in one capacity or another during the Games in 2012, check out the website to see what catches your eye.