Friday, 16 July 2010

WI members visit HQ

120 members visited the NFWI's head office at 104 New King's Road over two days this week for the very first time, bar a couple of members who had visited before. Some of the visitors had been members for many years, while others were relatively new to the WI.

Open Days are an ideal opportunity for members to see, first hand, just what work is going on in Headquarters on behalf of the 207,000 members, and also see just how 31 members of staff manage in what is a relatively small office space. Every department presents its work to the members in open presentations, and their is a brief overview by all departments including Public Affairs, Public Relations, Finance, Central Secretariat, WI Enterprises (generating income from advertising, sponsorship etc.), WI Life magazine and Human Resources. Denman College was also discussed, as was the increases in membership that those at 104 keep an eye on every day. At the moment, about 300 to 500 new member packs are being sent out every couple of weeks.

Participants in the days were shown alternate versions of the front cover for the next issue of WI Life and amazingly, each choice had almost the same number of "votes"!

If you are a WI member and would like to visit 104, I'm sure there will be more Open Days to look forward to in 2011 and beyond.