Friday, 10 September 2010

Persuasion at Denman College

Be persuaded that taking a course at Denman College; it could change your life! I have alluded to this phenomenon several times in past blogs but this time I'm thinking of the people you might meet; you could make lasting friendships while learning something new. While I was visiting Denman last week, they were running a course entitled "Persuasion" where I met a lady who had travelled from Canada to take part. A fan of Jane Austin and looking for some activity pertaining to the author while she visited England, the course came up from an internet search. She then took a look at the Denman web site, honed in on the college and grounds, and decided she had found the perfect combination; Jane Austin at Denman College.

I am told a similar course was held last year and a lady travelled from the USA to attend. She is still in touch with a fellow student she met and they have become firm friends. Who knows which country might be represented on next year's course when Northanger Abbey will be discussed?

My reason for staying at the college earlier in the week was to attend a Denman committee meeting, which was followed by a Finance Committee meeting at the National Headquarters in 104 New King’s Road. National Treasurer, Aleathia Mann, reported on a recent meeting she attended at the Payments Council to discuss the abolition of cheques. 71 charitable organisations were represented at the meeting, where the discussion centred on the importance of cheques to each of those organisations – all receive money via cheques and make payments too, with many of the alternatives requiring either mobile phone or internet access. However, a paper based option is being investigated but two main issues were not addressed: the cost of cheque alternatives, and the security of personal data. Further consultation meetings will be taking place and a report will be provided after these meetings.