Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Northern Inspirations

Something has to be truly inspiring to cause that intake of breath and the moistening of the eye, which was how I felt yesterday evening when I stepped through the portals of Carlton Towers in Yorkshire for the opening of 'Northern Inspirations'. This is a celebration of crafts, including flower arranging, from six northern Federations: North Yorkshire East, North Yorkshire West, East Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Humberside and Lancashire. It is a wonderful collaboration of talents, abilities, and sheer genius, all in one place, representing patchwork, textile art, embroidery (hand and machine), bead work, lace making, painting, gold work, encostic art and, I should think, any other craft ever devised.

In the magnificent setting of this stately mansion with its foundations dug in medieval time, each exhibit is an heirloom to be cherished, and every craft is a treasure that was created to be enjoyed now and savoured in the future. The kaleidoscope of colour, presented in the perfect and amazingly beautiful flower arrangements, demonstrated nature's beauty and the craftswomen's artistry working together to create stunning effects.

If you find yourself in the north of England this week, do take a trip to Carlton Towers for the opportunity to see the WI at its best.