Friday, 29 October 2010

End of another busy week

So have you heard it yet? Of course I am talking about The Harmonies - Voices of the WI – a truly beautiful collection of songs. I am so proud of you girls – Doreen, Gemma, Jan, Jennie and Naomi. I am sure they just had the best time making this CD - for them it must have been even better than the auditions, which was such a memorable day too for the rest of us who were there. One of the highlights of the entire process was definitely the whole choir of WI members - all those who sent in an audition tape - singing the new version of Jerusalem – a truly inspiration moment!

This is just one example of the opportunities that come with belonging to the WI, proving that membership is so much more than eleven meetings a year, raffles and cups of tea. These are all part of that great jamboree of course, but there is so much more on offer! Opportunities from your own locality, within your federation, and much further a field; you will have read here that the proposer of this year's resolution that has become the NFWI's COOL campaign (county of origin labelling) went to Brussels to state the WI's case in the European Parliament. Members can be involved in the campaigns they empathize with; they can enter competition, locally and nationally; and they can even send in audition tapes when they are called for - check out - and also your federation websites to find out what’s on offer. The world of WI really is your oyster.

While the girls were on television on Tuesday morning, I was in the Isle of Ely at the federation’s autumn council meeting where I was giving members an insight into what I do as Chair of the NFWI. I said that just like them, the WI keeps me very busy!

After this I made my way to Worthing to speak at the West Sussex Autumn Council Meeting; this time telling them more about my trip to Malawi earlier in the year. The Mums Matter petition is still available for signing but sheets of signatures are coming into our office in their thousands – keep them coming! Check out for more information on this too.

And something that I presume must sell in their thousands are cookery books by James Martin. I had another dose of this superb chef at this very meeting. Remember, he came to demonstrate at Denman College in July? I did ask if he would come again – just imagine a masterclass with this motor-bike-riding, fast-car-loving chef…!